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About Medellin

Medellin, capital of the Colombian department of Antioquia, is the city that opens its doors to discover a huge range of places where histories and traditions are told and the ones that makes us the City of the Eternal Spring.

Medellin is located in the natural region known as Valle de Aburrá in the Andes Mountain range. Its climate average is 24°C. It has an area of 380,6 km where iconic places are located such us the Museum of Antioquia, Plaza de Botero, Casa de la Memoria Museum, Plaza Mayor, among others.
It has modern transportation systems like the Metro or Metrocable which makes its infrastructure an efficient fact that has allowed it to host global events such as the OEA and Interamerican Development Bank (BID by its initials in Spanish) Assemblies, South American Games, Global urban Forum and Global business ideas forum (WOBI).

Come and visit fascinating places in the city full of biodiversity, history, transformation, culture, and technology. Enjoy the events and festivals that make from Medellin a unique city: Flowers Festival that highlights the “Silletero” culture that is already declared intangible heritage of the nation, Tango International Festival and Lights Festival or the Christmas streetlights.

Discover why in Medellin you will experience unforgettable meetings!

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Destination for Events

Winner of the World Travel Awards (2014 and 2015) as the best destination of tourism for meetings in Latin-America.


Hotel Offers

Three Hotel zones located in the Center, Poblado and Laureles – Stadium with more than 14.000 rooms.


Peasant market, flavors and knowledge, Market place (Plaza Minorista, Placita de Florez and Plaza de la América) and gastronomic halls (Provenza, Av, Nutibara, Calle de la Buena Mesa, Barrio Manila, Mercado del Río and Milla de Oro).



Vía Primavera – El Poblado sector, 33 avenue Outlets, Guayabal Avenue outlet – industrial, 65 Street Outlets – Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport area, Garden Avenue – Laures area and Centro Mundial de la Moda – CEDEMODA.

Night life

El Poblado – Provenza, center of the city, la 33, la 70 crossover and Barrio Colombia


Family plans

Explora Park, North Park and Juan Pablo II aeropark.


International Tango Festival, Flower Festival, Book and Culture festival, Christmas Fair, Myths and Legend Parade.



Bird sighting, Cerros Tutelares, rural tourism, parks and nature reserves like the Arvi Park and the botanical garden.

City of the artist Fernando Botero

Medellin, hometown of the artist, has the biggest collection of the artist: 188 pieces and 29 monumental sculptures exhibited in different parts of the city.


“Silletera” culture

Tradition from the use of small chairs as a mean of transportation of different products, intangible generational heritage legacy and nation culture.

Religious tourism

Metropolitan basilica Catedral, Minor Basilic of Nuestra Señora de la Calendaria and Madre Laura sanctuary.