Sustainability | Plaza Mayor Medellín



To strengthen the management, accomplishment and positioning in sustainability of Plaza Mayor through the development of a strategy that involves its interest group and the execution of an urgent compliance actions to handle risks that threaten its continuity over time.


We believe that we are a development axis of the city where ideas and creations grow up.

We believe in citizens and our people as the transforming element of the society, we believe that there is a good way to do things. The environment is our huge scenery, and we take care of it by rationally using resources to stay the balance.

We believe in relationships of trust with our clients and visitors where the transparency of our actions and the talent of our people allows us to connect in the short and long term.

We move forward to generate experiences that add value through innovation in our services. This is how we create unique events for unforgettable meetings.


Groups of interest

Relevant issues

Sustainable issues Objective – by its initials in Spanish ODS

Plaza Mayor is linked to the achievement of the ODS and is sure it ispart of the solution to obtain a better world.

Now you can see the ODS in which Plaza Mayor contributes with: